What does implementation involve?

Analysis & Design. Pilot and evidence building. Scale-up

When planning an OpenCRVS implementation it is necessary to take a holistic and long-term approach, considering a number of strategic and organisational factors. It is recommended to use the CRVS Digitisation Guidebook, which provides step-by-step guidance for countries to plan, analyse, design and implement digitized CRVS systems. In particular, business analysis will often be required to assess existing CRVS processes and re-engineer them to be the efficient, automated processes of the future state.

Phases and activities of the CRVS Digitisation Guidebook (

Digital Transformation

A holistic approach to CRVS system strengthening

In countries where civil registration processes are currently paper-based or electronic systems are not effective, it may be necessary to consider full digital transformation. This involves rethinking how the responsible authorities use technology, people, and processes in pursuit of sustainable civil registration service delivery excellence, customer satisfaction and realising the full value of civil registration data across government.

The overview below illustrates what a CRVS digital transformation roadmap might look like, based on a country with low civil registration completeness rates, variability in processes across the country and a very large population (>100m people).

Implementation plan
High-level plan for eCRVS digital transformation

Analysis and Design

  • Analyse the as-is situation and design future-state services and system requirements.
  • Configure and field-test OpenCRVS to validate eCRVS functionality with end-users and identify additional requirements
  • Secure buy-in and budget for implementation phase

Pilot & evidence building

  • Test and iterate key digital transformation components incl. service delivery models, performance management processes, capacity building, enabled by OpenCRVS.
  • Pilot integrated transformation activities within a limited area and evaluate effectiveness prior to scale.


  • Rollout the digital transformation programme across the country and realise the impact and benefits.