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Our vision is that every individual on the planet is recognised, protected and provided for from birth
We believe that civil registration should be easy.
We have built a platform that does all the hard work, so you don't have to.

Why it matters

An estimated 1 billion people around the world cannot officially prove their identity, and 47% of these are children. (World Bank, 2018) 


For people to count, they must first be counted, and that’s what a Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) system does, recording the details of all major life events, such as births and deaths. Birth registration is the first step in securing legal identity and accessing other basic rights like education, healthcare and social protection.

As the sole continuous source of population data, it provides the foundation for human rights, government service delivery, and the measurement of development goals. Despite this, over 100 countries around the world do not have functioning CRVS systems.

How we're doing it

We are building an open-source digital CRVS system that works in every country and for every individual. OpenCRVS will be free and adaptable for different country contexts, designed with and for the people it serves. 


The software is intended to be easy to deploy and requires minimal skills for customisation, maintenance and support.

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Key collaborators 

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Freely available with no license fees or ties to software vendors.

Safe and secure using best-practice security features.

Fully interoperable with other government systems.

Data enabled for fast decision-making.

Rights-based empowering all individuals to access their basic human rights.

User friendly designed by and for the people it serves

Easily configurable for all country contexts.

Accessible and inclusive 

extending registration coverage

to the hard to reach and marginalised.


Meet the team

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Edward Duffus
Product Strategy and Sustainability

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Evelyne Sajabi
Marketing and Engagement Lead


Annina Wersun
Community Development and Engagement


Anne Salim
Product Owner


Euan Millar
Technical Architect


Jonathan Pye-Finch
Design Lead

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We want to see OpenCRVS implemented across the world. We can’t do this alone. Through the OpenCRVS Community, we are uniting experts in civil registration and other interested parties.