About us

The story to ensure that every individual on the planet is recognised, protected and provided for from birth.

Through 20 years of civil registration experience across the globe, Plan International and our partners know what easy-to-use, accessible, and inclusive registration should look like.

2015. Created the CRVS Digitisation Guidebook 

To help countries plan, design and implement a digital CRVS system.


2016. Learnt that existing digital CRVS software is:

• Subject to vendor lock in

• Inaccessible in low resource areas

• Difficult to use and adminsister

• Not interoperable with wider eGoverment systems


2017. Prototyped and demonstrated what was possible 

Create a world first, open source, interoperable CRVS prototype using a human-centered design approach.

Demonstrate to registration authorities in Africa and the Asia Pacific regions.

2018. Bangladesh Proof of Concept

The prototype generated demand for OpenCRVS and since then the product development team has been creating a production ready version of the OpenCRVS core product, alongside a customised deployment for the Government of Bangladesh, at their request.


2019-20. Bangladesh Pilot

OpenCRVS high-priority functionality is built and system functionality and usability tested and proven in two pilot districts in Bangladesh.


2019-20. Develop openCRVS core

OpenCRVS is now ready to be put in the hands of local registration agents and community health workers worldwide. As a global digital good, OpenCRVS will be freely available to all countries

Meet the team

Edward Duffus

Director Product Strategy and Sustainability


Jonathan Pye-Finch

Design Lead


Annina Wersun

Director Community Development and Engagement

Sophie pic.jpg

Sophie Shugg

Rights-Based Advisor

Plan International


Euan Millar

Technical Architect

Technical Advisory Group

OpenCRVS has been developed together with the support of a Technical Advisory Group (TAG), comprising a wide variety of international experts in the domain of civil registration and vital statistics, IT, and other relevant domains.

Key documents from the TAG meetings can be found here: