About us

We are delighted to share with you that we have received multi-year funding to support  OpenCRVS as a Digital Public Good and we are in the process of establishing opencrvs.org, a new entity to ensure that OpenCRVS is a sustainable, long-term solution.

opencrvs.org will focus on: 

  1. Product development and support: we continue to enhance and extend the functionality of OpenCRVS to meet the needs of countries around the world and provide guidance on how to implement it effectively. As the only eCRVS solution that meets the Digital Public Goods standard, we are here to make an eCRVS solution that works for you.

  2. Community engagement: our focus is to establish an active community to respond to your needs as implementing countries, technology service providers and development partners. You can influence the product roadmap and receive hands-on training and technical support to simplify implementation. Tell us what you need by completing this short survey.

  3. Research and development: our research track will work with key stakeholders and the OpenCRVS community to identify and develop innovative CRVS solutions that significantly strengthen CRVS systems around the world and help achieve SDG 16.9 “By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration”. 

Meet the team
Ed in Etretat.jpeg

Edward Duffus
Product Strategy and Sustainability

Evelyne Sajabi.jpeg

Evelyne Sajabi
Marketing and Engagement Lead


Annina Wersun
Community Development and Engagement


Anne Salim
Product Owner


Euan Millar
Technical Architect


Jonathan Pye-Finch
Design Lead