About us

For people to count, they must first be counted.


of children under five remain unregistered

1 billion

people around the world cannot prove their identity


of the world's deaths are unrecorded

These are staggering figures, and reflect the fact that over 100 countries around the world still don't have a reliable method of recording vital events.

For people to count, they must first be counted, and that’s what a Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) system does, recording the details of all major life events, such as births and deaths. As the sole continuous source of population data, it provides the foundation for human rights, government service delivery, and the measurement of development goals.

While modern digital technologies have the potential to transform CRVS services in a cost-effective way, current systems are not delivering on this promise and rarely fully reflect a country’s practical needs.

We knew that there was a better way to offer civil registration authorities and implementation partners around the world, a much better deal - and that's why we created OpenCRVS.

Our mission is to make civil registration easy and valuable for everyone by making high-quality and cost-effective digital systems widely available and sustainable.

What we do

The OpenCRVS organisation focuses on 3 main areas of work

Product development and support

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Product improvement

We are continually working to enhance and extend the functionality of OpenCRVS to fulfil your requirements.

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Customer success

We are here to support the effective implementation of OpenCRVS. Get in touch to discuss implementation opportunities, receive training and check out the resources section for implementation guidance.

Community Engagement

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A global community

We are passionate community builders because we know that through an engaged group of implementing countries, technology service providers and development partners, the true benefits of a digital public good for CRVS can be realised.

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Active collaboration, mutual benefit

We have created several spaces where you can play an active part in shaping our product and service roadmap, learn from the wider community, and work together to bring about the changes needed to achieve universal civil registration.

Research and Development

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Leaving no-one behind

We bring people together to identify and create innovative solutions that will help achieve SDG 16.9: “By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration”.

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Evidence based

As the only eCRVS solution that meets the Digital Public Goods standard, OpenCRVS is the product of years of research in the field. Our on-going research and development initiatives mean it's continuously evolving.

Our Values

Our values reflect who we are and what we stand for. They are the principles which inform our decisions, guide our actions and make us different.

Better together

We know that the impact of our combined efforts is greater than any individual effort alone.

That’s why we are passionate community builders, creating spaces where diverse opinions and voices come together to create smart solutions.

We nurture meaningful partnerships built on mutual trust and friendship and grounded in a shared vision of the future.

Open, always

We have an open attitude, ready to work on each new challenge with optimism and a fresh perspective.

We are radically transparent, openly sharing our ideas, our designs, our tools, and our code.

We are open-minded and curious. We actively listen to others then take action with integrity.

Because we care

We work hard because we believe profoundly in our mission.

We care deeply about the quality of our product and its implementation, knowing that it will profoundly affect people’s lives.

We act with purpose and determination because we know that time is running out to ensure we leave no one behind.