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Rights-based, human-centred and compliant with UN standards, OpenCRVS has the potential to enable universal civil registration and power the leave no-one behind agenda.

Why OpenCRVS?


OpenCRVS has features designed to make civil registration inclusive and accessible to all, even in the remotest locations.


Designed together with civil registration staff and those accessing their services, OpenCRVS is a direct response to their needs.

Digital transformation

The OpenCRVS team is here to help you guide and advise governments on the effective digital transformation of CRVS.


Access materials to support your fundraising efforts for CRVS strengthening and the digital transformation of CRVS.

Build capacity

Use our training modules to empower local technical partners to support and maintain the OpenCRVS system.

SDG targets

OpenCRVS can contribute directly to achieving SDG 16.9 and is critical to achieve the leave no-one behind agenda.

We can work with you and your government partners to shape a new standard for rights-based digital civil registration.

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