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New features are determined based on requirements from reference implementations and other community requests. Get in touch via to specify your priority features.

Divorce registration

Full registration processing for divorce and annulment of marriages.

Public web portal

User-friendly access to create, track and manage all civil registration applications available to the public

Integrated payments

Offering a seamless, secure, and efficient transaction experience to avoid the use of cash

Digital verifiable credentials

Allow the storage of certificates in a digital wallet, providing authenticity and usability in the digital age

Certified copies

The generation of true copies of the data held within the Civil Registry, for legal and administrative purposes

Integrated learning modules

Provide comprehensive, tailored education on all aspects of civil registration and OpenCRVS

Legacy data import support (digital / paper)

Safeguard your historical records by the secure transfer and upload of existing civil registration data

OpenCRVS v1.2

OpenCRVS provides effective birth and death registration services in low resource settings. View all available features in our functional documentation.

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