ID4Africa 2023

As ID4Africa participants for the past 9 years, we always look forward to this must-attend convening of ID players across the African continent and beyond. This year was bigger and better - massive congratulations to Executive Chairman Joseph Atick and his team for all their hard work, and to the Government of Kenya as wonderful hosts.

It was a wonderful week for the OpenCRVS Team - here's a glimpse of what kept us busy.

Interoperability Hackathon

A fully interoperable digital civil registration system is key to enabling inclusive and equitable government service delivery. Having worked with 6 different organisations in the run up to the event, we showcased interoperability between OpenCRVS and each system in live demos across the 3-day event. Check out details of each use case, including National ID, Social Protection and Health on the Interoperability page.

Country Proof of Concepts

While a number of countries are currently exploring and executing OpenCRVS implementations, we worked with Cameroon and Mali to configure and demonstrate OpenCRVS for their contexts. Within just a few weeks, we had working instances set up and running, enabling country leadership to showcase this for further consideration. Big thanks to the Government of Cameroon for their leadership and presentation of the ongoing pilot there (funded by GIZ and KOICA) - many countries will be able to learn from your experiences!

African Civil Registration Shared Asset (ACSA)

We were delighted to co-host Workshop 3 with UNICEF which explored the need for a civil registration shared asset for the African continent. Through the inspirational leadership of countries, including Cameroon, Uganda, Togo and Guinea, it is clear that there is a need and demand for better consensus on civil registration standards and the development of digital assets that respond to these needs. We are excited to continue to support this effort to ensure we leave no-one behind.

Cape Town 2024

It was announced that next year's ID4Africa will take place in Cape Town. We already have it in the diary and look forward to seeing you there.

A MASSIVE thank you to all of our partners and the global OpenCRVS community for your support, friendship and council over this years ID4Africa in Nairobi, Kenya.