Co-Develop Invest in OpenCRVS as a critical part of Digital Public Infrastructure

OpenCRVS is delighted to announce that Co-Develop has made a substantial investment in the organisation, facilitating the expansion of the digital public good for civil registration across countries worldwide.

By 2030, the Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Goals aims to “Leave No-One Behind”. A goal that individuals, organisations and movements around the world continue to strive toward. But if we don’t know who people are or have accurate information about significant life events like births, marriages, adoptions and deaths, it becomes impossible to recognize, protect, and provide for them. We are left unable to fulfill these fundamental responsibilities.

That is why civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) is non-negotiable for a thriving society, and why Co-Develop is investing in OpenCRVS as a critical part of effective Digital Public Infrastructure. Only once we have accurate data on all births, for example, can we ensure inclusive access to health and education services, provide equitable access to social protection and recognise individuals with a formal legal identity.

eCRVS solutions are not currently architected in a way that enables inclusive development; built in isolation and unable to facilitate and work with other digital services. OpenCRVS addresses this challenge by offering an eCRVS solution that employs open standards, enabling use-cases that actively contribute to the leave no-one behind agenda. Its recent work demonstrating these use cases with proprietary and open source systems at ID4Africa demonstrates its value as the foundation of effective identity management, through integrations with MOSIP and INGroupe’s ID solution; and its ability to contribute to inclusion through enabling government to person (G2P) payment schemes (OpenSPP, DCI) and positive health outcomes (DHIS2).

While the full potential of civil registration has not yet been realised, the opportunity to innovate and build upon civil registration data is evident and ready to be further explored through OpenCRVS implementations.

Watch this space as OpenCRVS begins implementations in the Caribbean, Africa and Asia Pacific, and lays a critical building block in transformative DPI.