Case studies


In 2019, the Department of National Registration, Passport and Citizenship (DNRPC) in Zambia invited OpenCRVS to develop a Proof of Concept for Zambia in order to demonstrate the product’s applicability to the African context at the 4th Conference of Ministers for CRVS on the continent.

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Community Nurse notifies birth in the community. Photo courtesy of Plan International.

After working with DNRPC, local registration actors and customers to understand current challenges, we co-created future-state processes that were then enabled by OpenCRVS. These included:

  • Taking services to the community using Community Health Workers and Telco agents, increasing access to families at the community level.
  • Offering services during vaccination at health facilities, ensuring that children’s births were registered during routine vaccination services.

Check out the Zambia OpenCRVS experience in the video below.