Implementing OpenCRVS

What does an implementation of OpenCRVS look like?

1. Scouting trip (2 weeks):  the OpenCRVS team will conduct an upfront consultation in-country. We will meet your team, understand the local stakeholders, resources and capacity available, and advise on an implementation approach. We can also help you identify appropriate partners and/or conduct some of the below steps with you.

2. Digitisation & Design research (3 months): we encourage countries to take time to understand how OpenCRVS will fit into the wider digital ecosystem and what civil registration services of the future look like.

  • Conduct key activities outlined in the CRVS Digitisation Guidebook

  • Conduct design research in rural, urban, peri-urban locations to better understand the users and how OpenCRVS can respond to their needs


3. Product configuration and field testing (4 months): it is critical that a local team of designers and developers are engaged in the OpenCRVS implementation process. Now it is time to build a great, local team to manage OpenCRVS configuration, deployment and field testing..


4. Pilot (approx 12 months): a small-scale, short-term experiment that will help you understand how a large-scale implementation of OpenCRVS will work across the country. The pilot should include deployment in a variety of locations (urban, rural, office, health facility, community etc.) to test with different user groups and contexts for maximum learning. The first 8 months will be used to test and iterate the service and product through a rigorous continuous improvement process, and the last 4 months will be used to test and monitor the effectiveness of the “fine-tuned” service. At the end of the pilot, an evaluation should be conducted and a business case for scale-up made.

5. Progressive scale-up


Other guidance and materials


An OpenCRVS implementation should be considered with guidance from the following principles and best practice:

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